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Do you want results or a certificate?

Traditional education systems optimize for certificates and degrees.

We optimize for real world tangible results.

At 5MinInvesting.com you won't get any certificates or fancy letters to put behind your name. You will get your very own wildly profitable portfolio instead.

Do our training programs work?

We'll let our results speak for itself below.

Frequently Asked Questions for Investing Accelerator:

Does this work for people who has never invested before?

Yes, this program is designed for people who have little to zero financial background. From the results above, you will notice that people who has never invested before can generate wildly profitable results from the market.

What is the format of this training?

The format will be an online membership program and a Facebook community. You will be able to watch each lesson multiple times online. More importantly, you will be able to learn from other investors within the Q&A calls. I will be going through different stocks, concerns, questions on a weekly basis. The entire program is condensed and can be learned in one day.

What happens after one day?

After one day, you will continue to have access to all the materials and weekly coaching calls. When you enroll, you receive a lifetime membership access to Investing Accelerator forever.

When should I expect results?

Most students usually find an opportunity and place their first trade in the first 2 months. As we are long term investors, you will start seeing results in your first year. But more importantly, you will be very excited about your results in the next 5 years. Investing is a lifelong journey and wealth increases exponentially over time.

Investing Accelerator

  • Free module: Set up your chart
  • Free 14 day trial to weekly coaching QA calls
  • Free 14 day trial to get in-depth stock analysis


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