top 22 stocks to watch
to grow your portfolio

Have you built your watchlist of stock yet?


Your watchlist is one of the most important element of your portfolio.

It is more important than the stocks you are holding right now because...

1. It dictates what kind of opportunities you will buy next

If you don't have a good watchlist, how do you know when to buy when the opportunity arise?

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2. It dictates how often you are checking for opportunities

If you have a list of mediocre, bad opportunities, you will have to check it more often. Because you will get more false signals. And you need to do more work and filter out the bad opportunities

(Email the 22 stock list below to yourself below for free)

3. It significant influence your stress level

Investing is a mental game. And you should design every element of your portfolio, your investing process to help you relax. You make the best decision when you are happy, relaxed and confident.

If you have a list of bad stocks, you will enter into the wrong opportunity and it will dramatically stress you out, every day.

(Email the 22 stock list below to yourself below for free)


Eric Seto, CPA

PS: Get the stock list below even if you already have a watch list. Add the companies you like to your own watch list.


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