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Eric Seto, Investor, CPA

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  • How you can invest in blue chip companies and make 30% (Like private hedge funds)
  • Learn how to manage your 5 figure portfolio and 6 figure portfolio for long term growth and generate a monthly passive income
  • How to achieve your retirement goals in the next 5-10 years
  • How to filter out all the conflicting noise and opinions in the market and become confident in your strategy

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Eric Seto is CPA (Chartered Professional Accountant) who has made over +440% from the stock market in 6 years as of December 2021 (Annual average return: +31% per year).

Eric has a master degree in accounting which focuses on accounting, finance, strategy, taxation, data analytics and research.

After Eric quits his full time job in 2022, he also realizes the importance of cashflow. Thus, he also developed a monthly passive income strategy with the target of making 30% per year (3% per month). 

You will learn his investing secrets in this webinar. 

Eric believes both long term investing and monthly passive income are needed to retire. 

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Li (+125% NVDA in 5 months), USA

Aaron (+16% CAE in 20 days), Canada

Ron (+30% LMT in 4 months), Canada

Mike (+100% ARMK in 1 month), USA

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Did you know S&P 500 goes up approximately 60% of the time and goes down 40% of the time?

The market is quite unpredictable.

When I first retired in 2022, I realized my long term strategy alone isn't sufficient to provide the lifestyle I wanted.

When it comes to retirement, you want to have a strategy that provides you more predictable cashflow than the traditional S&P 500.

This is why you need two strategies when you are investing:

- Long term strategy that aims for 30%

- Monthly passive income strategy that also aims for 30% but being able to provide you with the cashflow monthly (3% per month)

How I used both investing strategy to retire early:

The essence of investing is to find discounted stocks which allows you to make a capital gain.

This is only half the equation.

For most people, they never reached their retirement goals.

Fun fact: Most financial plans estimate you need $1 million + in portfolio to retire.

However, this will require you to work for at least 30-40 years unless you know how to invest, unless you know how to use money to work for you (while you sleep of course).

My goal is to get to retirement asap with only a fraction of $1 million. I want to retire with $300,000 or less.

For the first 6 years, I focused on saving and building up my portfolio using only capital gain. 

I focused on maximizing my tax free accounts (such as TFSA, RRSP, 401K, IRA).

This is the most tax efficient method. This also allows you to compound freely across multiple years.

This works well if you are more than 10 years away from retirement (meaning anyone below 55).

Capital gain is only half the equation.

Once you retire, it is all about cashflow.

After I retired, I shifted significant portions of my investing portfolio to deploy the monthly passive income strategy.

With my regular salary income gone, I am not too worried about tax.

This allows me to withdraw income on a regular basis which cover a lot of my living expenses.

So you can register for the free webinar below to learn more.

It is my personal story on how I went from a newbie in the financial world, crashed and burned many times, learned from some of the world's best investors to retiring early from my full time job at 30.

Every time I make a mistake, I revise my investing strategy to prevent it in the future.

You will learn how to make decisions based on facts and data but not emotions.

If you are already retired, then focus on executing the monthly passive income strategy to boost your cashflow.

If you're looking to retire within the next 5-10 years, you will want to execute the monthly passive income strategy to boost your cash flow and retire sooner.

If you are young and still have 10+ years before retirement, you can use the long term strategy first to build majority of your wealth and then use the monthly passive income to boost your salary by 10-20%.

Here's how program pays for itself.

If you decide to be part of Investing Accelerator, I am happy to help you on this journey as well.

You may find the program cost is higher than normal. This is true.

But what if market can pay for your tuition and then some?

I believe that people who invest $20,000 making 3% per month ($600 per month) can use the monthly passive income strategy to pay for the program and then some. 

This means you can get into the program, essentially "free".

Remember to schedule a call to get the discounted price and the monthly payment plan. (Direct link to BOOK A CALL HERE)

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