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Eric Seto, Investor, CPA

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  • How you can invest in blue chip companies and make 30% (Like private hedge funds)
  • Learn how to manage your 5 figure portfolio and 6 figure portfolio for long term growth and generate a monthly passive income
  • How to achieve your retirement goals in the next 5-10 years
  • How to filter out all the conflicting noise and opinions in the market and become confident in your strategy

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Eric Seto is CPA (Chartered Professional Accountant) who has made over +440% from the stock market in 6 years as of December 2021 (Annual average return: +31% per year).

For monthly passive income, 2023 return is +53%.

Eric has a master degree in accounting which focuses on accounting, finance, strategy, taxation, data analytics and research.

After Eric quits his full time job in 2022, he also realizes the importance of cashflow. Thus, he also developed a monthly passive income strategy with the target of making 30% per year (3% per month). 

You will learn his investing secrets in this webinar. 

Eric believes both long term investing and monthly passive income are needed to retire. 

Verified by

Li (+125% NVDA in 5 months), USA

Aaron (+16% CAE in 20 days), Canada

Ron (+30% LMT in 4 months), Canada

Mike (+100% ARMK in 1 month), USA

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