[Free Course] Set up your chart for success

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Set Up Your Chart

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How to set up your chart in less than one day.

[Free Course] Set up your chart for success


About the teacher

Eric Seto

Investor, CPA (Canada) based in Hong Kong and Vancouver

  • I would like to know whether you assist international student I’m a Kenyan and can your app assist me in trading locally

  • I went back to the how to set up your chart module. It shows all completed. But I never completed because I was disconnected. Where can I access the completed chart? I am lost.

  • Hi Eric,
    I just finished the free course module and I find it so informative.
    Thank you for this free course and will touch base with you soon.

  • Hi Eric

    As for the paid course later on, I was just wondering if you accept installment purchase? Or it has to be paid only in lump-sum.

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