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Monthly Passive Income Strategy

Retirement is all about generating consistent cashflow to replace your current income

6 years ago, Eric focus on long term investing to achieve 30% return or more. Over the years, Eric discovers that while long term investing can provide a superior return of 30% to 50% per year, it is not ideal for retirement due to its volatility.

For retirement, Eric realizes there's a strong focus on predictable cash flow that you can rely on month after month.

After all, you can't pay your bills if you don't know your return ahead of time, right?

So Eric went back to the whiteboard and create a new strategy.

That's how the monthly passive income strategy is born.

Know your return ahead of time

Monthly Passive Income is about using option strategies to create a fixed risk and reward on a monthly basis. This strategy is already been taught in Investing Accelerator Week 6.

Monthly Passive Income is about using a combination of selling covered calls, selling puts, credit spreads to generate a predictable cash flow over time.

Eric combines options with technical, fundamental analysis and additional analysis to find high probability trades where odds are tilted significantly in our favour. This usually focuses on blue chip companies that are at a discounted price.

What's the target?

20%-30% per year

2%-3% per month

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As Monthly Passive Income is more intensive and time consuming than long term investing strategy taught in Investing Accelerator, the Master Plan is to offer a service which enable Eric to generate the return for you.

This will save you time from analyzing the market and also save you a lot of headache from learning how to trade options.

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