September 26, 2019


Name: Arian A.
Location: Montreal, Canada
Occupation: Engineer

First stock: Activision and Blizzard
Return: 72% in 6 months


Arian is a professional engineer at an aerospace company in Canada. He has been meaning to invest for so long but he hasn't pulled the trigger yet. He has been reading books and taking online courses about investing and options. Eventually, he found Investing Accelerator which he really enjoyed the investing philosophy and it is a perfect mix of what he is looking for. As he has a full time job, married with a new born baby, his time is very limited and he is really hoping that this isn't one of the "too good to be true" courses.

After joining Investing Accelerator, Arian in 2019 made 

   +  72% from Activision and Blizzard in 6 months and he took his first profit.
   +   110% from Nvidia in 6 months
   +   93% from Align Technology in 3 months.

In 2020, Arian made:

   +   74% from Square in 5 months

Now, Arian is excited about his future potential and decided to record this special video for you.

About the author 

Eric Seto

Eric Seto is an investor with over 10 years of experience. He travelled around the world to help with auditing, accounting, purchase and sale of companies.

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