October 1, 2020


Name: Ashal
Location: Ontario, Canada
Occupation:  Student

First stock: MSI (Motorola Solutions)
Return: 60% in 4 months


Ashal is a university student in Ontario Canada. Before joining Investing Accelerator, Ashal is completely new to investing and never invested before. Ashal is serious about investing as he understands that a fruitful retirement is only possible by allowing time and interest compound for you. 

After Ashal joined Investing Accelerator, Ashal invested in Motorola Solutions shortly after COVID-19 by completing his research over the various aspects of the company. In 4 months, Ashal made 60% from MSI. Ashal would rate this program 6 out of 5 (if possible).

Ashal is the 15th student to make 100% from a single investment

About the author 

Eric Seto

Eric Seto is an investor with over 10 years of experience. He travelled around the world to help with auditing, accounting, purchase and sale of companies.

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