April 27, 2021

In this video, we are going to test out crypto currencies and share that experience with you.

This is the product testing video.If you have never heard of MANA, it is one of the smaller coins which is built on a virtual world like READY PLAYER ONE.

This means we can jump into the virtual world and see how it works and whether it is popular.

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So, so far I'm walking around. I actually do not see anybody. I have heard of a restriction where, okay. Wow. Okay. You hear to music now, so I can kind of, you know, hurt myself by jumping down. Oh, Hey Whoa, Whoa, Whoa. Okay. So apparently they just attack you right away. There is a whole new business model being developed, where you can create games here and you can just jump in and play and try to kill these spiders. Welcome back to my channel. And in this video, we're going to try out a crypto currency, call it the central app. And the ticker is Manoj. This is actually part of my journey to basically invest in cryptocurrency. This is to determine whether Manoj is actually a good platform to invest in. So as of today that I'm recording this video manna is a dollar. So it was not a lot.

It's kind of like a penny stock when you think about it. So I talked about how I invest in cryptocurrency or how I think about investing in cryptocurrency in the last video. So you can look at that and what I have went through, and this is really the product testing phase. So if you're not familiar with flyin, my name is Eric [inaudible] and I am an investor. I'm a long-term investor. And my goal is to make 30% return per year from the stock market. One of the requests I get a lot is really how do you invest in cryptocurrency, cryptocurrency and cryptocurrency? So here I am, and this is actually something I don't feel like I need to cover in investing a celebrator because we have a solid approach when it comes to investing in a stock markets and target 30% return a year. So if you want to learn more about that, then just go grab the four hour free training that is on my website.

It talks a lot about stock investing in general and how you can master investing. Even if you are a full-time professional plus no financial background. So training is four hours long. It's a beast. So just go to five minute investing.com/free case study. And in terms of investing accelerator, I'm looking to help 20 professionals without a financial background this month. So if you're interested in learning, investing, then you can go to the link below wash the free case study and as schedule a call with me. So in terms of successful case study and investing a celebrator, we have Adrian that made 62% from chef warehouse in six months, 47% from CAE in 5.5 months. It's 26% from CVG w a, which is calvic out of growers in five months and out to 26% in five months. So congratulations, Adrian. And fion also made 30% from CVGW in four months, 44% from CAE in two months.

So that is fantastic. And she also made around 25% from Alto as well. And finally, Alan also made 60% from chef warehouse. That is fantastic. Congratulations to you free. So let's get started with essential edge, Joey D a O. So I wonder what that means. So Dao is decentralized autonomous organization. The embodiments of decentralization and NTE carries out its functions, following pre-established rules that no person can alter to put it another way. It governs as code through da, da. Oh, we can guarantee that what the community floats for is truly what gets done and that nobody can stop that. So when I think about de-central ad, one of the things is ready player one, because you can just whatever you want in here. So Shibu, okay. I can talk to this person, good day, human. My name is Bob and I'm a robot. Would you like to learn more about the history of decentral land and how it all started?

I guess he has decentralized unique proposal is to create virtual world governed by its users. This little museum takes you through some of the milestones in decentralized history. Some key events in the history of the project were the Terraform events, which had the first land auction. This is actually something I'm interested in because if I could buy a piece of land in decentral and then I can do whatever I want with it. So I can build a house I can virtually live in because housing prices nowadays, it's too hot. In late 2018. Second auction was held. This was followed by the creation of avatars and wearables in 2019. And in 2020, the open source clients and the Dao were released or Dow much has happened already. And we're just getting started. Take a look around if you're interested in any of the items, click on them.

And I'll tell you the background story. Furthermore, manta tokens, give you also voting power on Dao. Hey, that's interesting that decision making smart contracts that governs many of the policy aspects of decentralized. So let's see if I can kind of hurt myself by jumping down. Oh, okay. So there's actually no health bar in this game, so, okay. Anyways. Wow. So it took me quite a while and I haven't even gotten out of the, the green area. So allow, you can see the scenery here. This piece of land is actually not developed. Okay. That's interesting. Does that mean all black pieces are not developed? So this piece of land is actually developed. Okay. All right. So there's a dog here. Okay. All right. Moving on. Wow. Wow. Okay. I can interact too. I chop up what? Uh, okay. That didn't work. Okay. So this is kind of a structured, I can not go up. Hey, what does this say?

Oh, this thing's not downloading it. Oh, wow. There's actually a building in the air. Is that actually an error? Excuse me. I can't even get past the initial stage. Oh, okay. This is actually an error. Wow. That's actually a little bit buggy also so far I'm walking around. I actually do not see anybody. I have heard of a restriction where Oh, okay. Wow. Okay. You hear the music now? Wow. What's happening here. So it's like a lot of painting. Never sold, not for sale price at 0.3. Okay. Interesting. So let's take like an art gallery. What is this thing? Some stew that is naked. Okay. All right.

So it's like an artist uploading your own drawing and doing location. Right? That's pretty cool. Just never thought of that. Oh, so you can go down here. Nope. Okay. The ceiling is weird. I guess there is some room for improvement. How the hell do we click out? Okay. Go down here. Oh, wow. That is pretty creative. Okay. Interesting. So I do think they can work on the collaboration aspect or the multiplayer aspect because I've been visiting different buildings and I can't even, I don't even see anybody. All right. So to the second floor. Oh wow. This is like an art gallery here, so it's never sold off for sale.

So, so yeah. One thing about de-central line is, is that she can actually create art that has kind of, um, a token to it that makes sure this is the real thing. Uh, but you can only enjoy digital art that way. So it's not like you can have a physical painting and no, that is one of the so interesting. So basically you're really looking at the beginning stages of decentralized medicine, PA tower power by medicine. Okay. So we can dry this. Let's see what happens. So it looks like it's some sort of shooting game. It's a hundred Nana. So this thing has actually super excessive. Now, man, I used to be what, 20 cents or whatnot, but now, because it has gone up to a dollar. So now this is a hundred dollars. Wow. Does this 500 manner? This is actually 500 bucks. So as you can see, this can actually be quite lucrative.

I wonder if I can jump in, Oh, Hey, Whoa, Whoa, Whoa. Okay. So apparently they just attack you right away. And I do not have a weapon and don't have money yet because I haven't figured out how to put it in. Okay. Yeah. So you can see there is a whole new business model being developed where you can create games here and you can just jump in and play and try to kill these spiders, but a hundred manner. That's actually very expensive. So let's try to go up to the second floor and see what's there. So I guess once you buy a piece of land, you actually get to build higher and higher. So as land runs out in Nana, well there's someone playing. Oh no, he's just got attack. S land gets run out, are going to be tolerant, taller buildings and whatnot, or structured out as being built here in manna 10, manage the plate.

That's 10 bucks. So this is actually more expensive than an arcade reach leaderboard by collecting all orbs, avoid ghosts, awaiting Nick's arena to increase or con counts and create your own arena. Okay, let's go up one more floor. Should I try to jump in? Huh? Okay. I can not. Right. Can I see what stuff is this one new version please refresh. So it was $10. If I click will charge me 10 manner, as you think about decentralized is really the real life version of 30 player. One, the reason why the graphics looks like that, I think it's mainly because the current internet speed is not fast enough and it's also not installed on your computer. So when you think about the future rollout of let's say 5g, faster internet, and as people upgrade to faster and faster internet, then it's actually possible to have a more realistic virtual world that is going to be the direction we're heading, whether it is central and or not.

This is going to be a big movement. As I think about the end game currency for Manoj, let's say I build something, I set a motto of, you know, a hundred dollars manna and used to be like, what 20 cents. So it can actually be quite affordable, like 20 bucks or whatnot. But then once you start to have Matta increasing, that is actually like hyperinflation for the currency. So that means they would actually price out all the players who wants to play. You know, if you're buying an upgrade today, it might be $20, but tomorrow it might be a hundred dollars. So there's actually hyperinflation within the game itself, which will make it an attractive. If everything costs money to play in a game, this is actually a fundamental problem. I see in terms of the economics of manner might need to be some sort of development to build a community, a world of structure and so on without paying. So people can enjoy some free content without paying, which enticed them to be on this platform.

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