May 24, 2020


Name: Peter H.
Location: Brisbane, Australia
Occupation:  Nurse

First stock: ATVI 
Return: 69% in 1 year

Second stock: INTC
Return: 35% in 1 year


Peter is a nurse living in Brisbane, Australia who loves hiking, travelling and sailing. Before he met Eric, Peter was making around 6% to 8% return by managing the portfolio himself. Living in Australia, Peter wants to access the international markets, find quality and trustworthy, independent financial news and analysis.

In March 2019, he joined Investing Accelerator really liked Eric’s investing style and investing philosophy. After 1 year of joining the program, Peter has made 30% gain on his portfolio without using options.

His first investment is ATVI (Activision) which he bought at $43 and is trading at $73 with a gain of $11K, 69%.

His second investment is INTC (Intel) which he bought at $46 and is trading at $62 with a gain of $8K, 35%.

One of his more recent investments is TECK (Teck Resources) which he bought at $7 and is currently trading at $9 with a gain of $400, 28%.

To date, his portfolio uses stocks alone and Peter made 30% return without using options.

Peter’s key lesson that he would like to share with you is “If you buy well, you will do well”

About the author 

Eric Seto

Investor, CPA (Canada) based in Hong Kong and Vancouver

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