July 24, 2022

If you missed the MOST IMPORTANT VIDEO on my YouTube channel on how to achieve 30% and get a monthly passive income, make sure you watch it.

I used to think – making 30% per year means taking more risk.

There are different kinds of risk (company risk, macro risk, currency risk, leverage risk).

Your job as an investor is to calculate the risk, evaluate the risk, and price risk.

Take smart risk and you make money.

But lately, I have been refining my week 6 monthly passive income strategy and came to a realization.

I am going to make the same if not more money by taking LESS RISK.

It’s not about buying the next IPO stock that’s losing over 100M per quarter.

It’s not about chasing early stage EV start ups that haven’t even produced a single car.

It’s about taking LESS RISK and HIGHER CERTAINTY to generate a predictable cashflow for retirement.

Think about it.

If you are building a company, would you rather have a company which has a future but losing $100M per year?


Would you rather build a company with high certainty, proven business model, generating cashflow month after month and year after year?

This is a significant mindset change.

So what about week 6 of Investing Accelerator?

I am about to make it EVEN MORE CONSERVATIVE.

By making it safer and more conservative, the certainty to make money is even higher.

The higher the certainty, the more money I can allocate to the monthly passive income strategy.

Thus, it is super important to BE a conservative investor and not take exccessive risk (and still retire in my 30s)

About the author 

Eric Seto

Eric Seto is an investor with over 10 years of experience. He travelled around the world to help with auditing, accounting, purchase and sale of companies.

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