February 21, 2020


Name: Alan L.
Location: San Diego
Occupation:  Restaurant manager

First stock: ULTA beauty
Return: 71.5% in 3 months

Second stock: Shake Shack
Return: 59% in 3 months


Alan is manager at a restaurant living in San Diego. Before Investing Accelerator, Alan is a determined, proactive learner who is passionate about investing. He has done other forms of investing but did not experience the success he wanted as the other forms of investing are too time consuming.

After joining Investing Accelerator, Alan made 71.5% from ULTA Beauty and 59% from Shake Shack in 3 months.

He continues to invest in new opportunities discovered through the program and he is very excited about the future prospect.

As Alan becomes a better investor, he also made 980% from Fedex in 15 months. In the video below, he shares his experience on his Fedex position.

About the author 

Eric Seto

Investor, CPA (Canada) based in Hong Kong and Vancouver

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