February 23, 2020

$10K. This is an important milestone where a lot of people start to think about investing.

If your portfolio value is at $10K or less, then this video is for you.

In this video, you will learn:

  • What is the mindset when you are investing with $10K?
  • What's the #1 investing strategy you should avoid if you have a full time job?
  • What's the safest and most passive route to invest with $10K? And how long it will take to get to $100K?
  • How to invest in large properties with $10K? And how long will it take to get to $100K?
  • If you want to scale from $10K to $100K, what do you need to ignore?
  • There are over 9,000 stocks in the North American stock market. How many stocks should you invest in with only $10K?
  • Is the market fair?
  • What's the investing strategy that can half the amount of time from $10K to $100K?
  • What are the companies in my portfolio when I invested with $10K?
  • What is a faster way to grow your investing account other than investing itself?



About the author 

Eric Seto

Investor, CPA (Canada) based in Hong Kong and Vancouver

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