August 25, 2018

How are you doing?

Hope you are doing well.

Today, marked the day where I stepped into six figures for my portfolio.

10 years ago, I started day trading in the forex market with ZERO knowledge. If you want to make a higher return in the market but have no idea what to do, then you might relate to my story.

When I first started investing, I entered at the highest high. The market would immediately goes against me. It’s like a curse. Seeing the loss ticking and growing by the minute, I broke out a cold sweat. My heart was pounding and there was nothing I can do to turn the market around. The more I wait… the more I lose. The only thing I could do was to cut my losses. The market was against me. Time was against me. I was the “sucker” in the market.

Being frustrated, I would  buy another book on Amazon, read another forum post until I find another “promising” strategy to test. This trial and error period prolonged for a long time.

The popular methods of investing such as day trading, technical analysis, value investing… I tried all of them…

But, none of them really gave me the return I wanted…

Day trading and technical analysis are usually for short term trader which requires a significant time commitment. This means I was glued in front of the computer all day, watching the market. On top of my school work (10 years ago), I would spend 30+ hours monitoring the market. It was crazy, tiring and energy draining. But, technical analysis is very popular and most people sell me the idea that I can somehow find a perfect combination of indicators to make a lot of money from the market. That has never been further from the truth. Turns out, day trading is one of the worst method of making money. It’s high cost and low return.

The opposite of day trading and technical analysis is value investing. Basically, what Warren Buffett teaches. Value investing is great but it requires me to spend hours and hours researching on the growth story of the company from start to end. Value investing helped me determine the value of the company but it doesn’t really tell me when to enter the market. That’s when I realize value investing is incomplete to give me the exponential return I wanted. Having a full time job and managing another business, this gives me very little time to manage my own portfolio. I need a solution that gives me high probability opportunities and an exponential return. And even value investing can really offer 10% to 15%.

But I want more.

I want 30%+ (like those hedge funds)

So, that’s where I come across my current strategy.

And as of today, I am very glad this strategy has worked out for me and my students. The more success I achieved, the more capital I attracted and injected.

In 2.5 years, my account grew from $1,500 to just over $110,000 today. And if you are looking at my return since inception is at 294.15% today.

I am not here to brag about my success. I just want to let you know even for someone like me, where family and school didn’t teach me about investing… it is possible.

Sometimes in life, you need someone to break the mental ceiling for you. The general public says you can only make 5% to 10% a year from the market.

And yet, my students and I are making way more than that a year.

That’s really all I want to leave you with.

People with zero financial background can master investing.

It can be done.

To Your Success!



About the author 

Eric Seto

Investor, CPA (Canada) based in Hong Kong and Vancouver

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