August 29, 2018

Thank you for all your support and love so far!

Today, I decided to take some cash home.

I pocketed $7,732 from one of America’s most hated companies – United Airlines. I invested $12,000 in December 2017 and got $19,732 out of the stock today. That’s 65% return on my $12,000. It was a SUPER unpopular choice when I first entered.

In fact, I actually received an email from one of my subscribers that…

“If you can invest in a company like UAL, I can NEVER TRUST YOU!”

I can’t find the email anymore but I wonder if she is still on my email list sometimes. If I followed her advice, I would have missed out on this opportunity.

If you ever followed a friend’s advice and got burnt, then you might relate to my story.

I still remember, the first time I followed my close friend’s advice in buying a stock…The company went bankrupt in less than a month. Following a friend’s advice without doing your own research is dangerous.

It was so exciting when he told me that this stock was going to be the winner. He yelled “Even Warren Buffett’s student (another famous hedge fund manager) invested in this company.” It sounded like a sure win. It was all blue sky thinking, following the herd without making your own judgement. Guess what?

I couldn’t get his excitement out of my head. My judgement was impaired. I was not objective. My mind kept replaying how amazing he said this company is.

And… I lost my money. 100% of it. It was pretty dumb of me.

The second time I followed my friend’s advice. I got burnt again. He (a different person) told me – this is going to be a sure win. This little gold company (New Gold Inc) is going to explode to the MOOOON!!! WOOHOO!

You can search this company up right now – NGD. I lost 95% on it. What’s the lesson?

Don’t listen to someone’s stock pick.

It’s not because they are not creditable. It’s because I need to do my own independent analysis. It’s because I need to make my own decisions. It’s because I need to control my own financial destiny.

Whether it is a win or a loss. I need to have the RESOLVE to stick with it.

You won’t have the resolve if you rely on someone to tell you what to buy.

I could have easily created the flavour of the day training program, where I tell you what to buy today. Kind of like Mad Money but less intense.

But that’s not really going to help you.

To succeed, I figured that I need to manage my own money, make my own decisions, even when my own subscribers threaten me that UAL is a bad company.

And that’s why in Investing Accelerator, I don’t give you a signal on what to buy. I don’t give you “this weeks top 10 stocks to buy”. I don’t give you 3 green lights and you buy.

What you get is… a successful investing strategy. a transformation in your mind. An Elevated Mind.

Once you learn how to see and make your own decisions, money will come to you.

Today, I pocketed $7,732 from the market.

It can be done.

>> Elevate your mind with Investing Accelerator << 

To Your Success!



PS: Now I have talked about UAL. Your judgement is impaired. Don’t buy it.

PPS: I still think UAL will go up. Probably pass $100. But I think I earned enough this time. Thus, taking profit.

About the author 

Eric Seto

Investor, CPA (Canada) based in Hong Kong and Vancouver

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