February 11, 2020

Passive income - the ultimate goal.

Will day trading or value investing get you there?

Day trading for profit is a very popular concept among personal finance and the stock market. One of the day trading idols is Jesse Livermore. But why do so many people struggle with day trading?

On the other hand, Warren Buffett and Benjamin Graham made value investing very popular. However, people without a strong financial background always struggle with value investing.

When you are investing in stocks for passive income, you need to have a complete stock investing strategy.

Whether you are using TD Ameritrade, Charles, Fidelity, the most important aspect of stock market investing is the strategy itself.

This is a stock market beginners video where we explore the concept of value investing and day trading, the two extremes of the stock market. These are some of the stock market truths I have learned over the last 10 years. 

About the author 

Eric Seto

Investor, CPA (Canada) based in Hong Kong and Vancouver

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